GlanceFace Android Full Mod Apk Download

GlanceFace Android Mod APK Download DEXTERAndApps Produced as a Full Trick Apk by Communication added to category as Fraudulent

Mod Game Name: GlanceFace Android Apk Download
Mod Game Category: Communication
Mod Game producer: DEXTERAndApps
Total Mod Game Downloads: 50 - 100
Fraudulent Android Version Required for Game: 6.0 and up
Fraudulent Game History: December 24, 2017

This is the companion app for the GlanceFace watchface.
After you start the app, choose your device from the settings menu.
If you change something in the settings, you have to wait for at least 5mins for it to appear on the watch. This is a limitation by Garmin.
App does not start automatically after reboot. This is intentional for now, you have to start it manually.
If the watchface on the watch is updated, you may need to do one of the followings:
- Disconnect and then reconnect your watch, or
- Choose None in settings->Garmin device, then choose your device again
This is because the app only sends changed data to the watch (since the last send) and only sends everything after the first connect.

- A change on the phone reaches the Watch after only 10mins. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about this, Garmin is working on a fix. (see here:
- Last message status always: FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER. This is also a Garmin bug, and they are working on a fix (see here: A somewhat workaround for this is rebooting your phone and starting the app again.

For the DarkSky weather provider, you have to register an account on and copy your secret key from here: to the settings->Developer API key

- android.permission.INTERNET
Weather updates are download from the internet.

- android.permission.READ_SMS
Needed for unread sms count

- android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG
Needed for missed calls count

- android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION
Needed for weather updates and sunrise/sunset time calculation

- android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS
Needed for unread gmail counts

Needed for checking playstore license

- android.permission.READ_CALENDAR
Needed to check for upcoming calendar events