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Drawing and Coloring is a fun activity for children. Through drawing, they can pour a variety of imagination in their heads. The images they produce could also indicate the level of creativity and mood of each child.
Drawing activity also has benefits for the child's development. Drawing benefits for children are:
As Expression Media
Helping Know the Differences Color
Color Represents Media Therapy
Grasping the little train pencil
Coaching Capability Coordination
Developing Motor Ability
Coloring Improve Concentration
Train coloring Little Know Border Field
Train coloring Little Make Target

Children tend to love animals, it can be seen when they visit a zoo or ask to buy a pet. They love animals of all shapes and sizes, furry, feathers and scaly and they love to draw animals.
This is some content drawing for children who can try to apply to them:
How to Draw a duck. How to Draw Birds. How to Draw a Cat
How to Draw a Bunny. How to Draw crab. How to Draw a Dolphin. How to Draw the Lion. How To Draw Chicken. How to Draw Ships. How To Draw Elephant. How To Draw Cars. How to Draw a Panda. How to Draw a Dog. How to Draw Sheep
How to Draw a Rat. How to Draw peafowl. How to Draw More older brother. How to Draw a Spaceship. How to Draw Bus Level. How to Draw Sailboats. How to Draw Camels. How to Draw Bats. How to Draw a Rat. How to Draw a squirrel. How to Draw a Turtle. How to Draw a Bike. How to Draw Chicks. How to Draw a Rat. How to Draw Frog. How to Draw a Bear. How to Draw a school bus. How to Draw a Shark. Way. Drawing Elephant. How to Draw Birds Pigeons. How to Draw a Monkey.

Learning in a fun way is suggested to be done by the new children entering kindergarten or are already in kindergarten. in the age of the children that they should be taught new things things that educate, so that their future well trained habits we teach.
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