Tasks in Gmail Full Mod Apk Download

Tasks in Gmail Mod APK Download Jeebow Produced as a Full Trick Apk by Productivity added to category as Fraudulent

Mod Game Name: Tasks in Gmail Apk Download
Mod Game Category: Productivity
Mod Game producer: Jeebow
Total Mod Game Downloads: 5,000 - 10,000
Fraudulent Android Version Required for Game: 4.2 and up
Fraudulent Game History: August 5, 2015

The "Tasks in Gmail" app lets you search, read, and update Google Tasks. These are the same task lists you see when you log into Gmail, click the "Gmail" button in the top-left corner, and then select "Tasks" from the pop-up menu. You can now manage these tasks directly from your Android phone or tablet:

* Use the left-side navigation drawer to switch between Google accounts or task lists.
* Create, rename and delete task lists.
* Create, edit, and delete tasks.
* Set tasks as completed or reset back to incomplete.
* Share tasks.
* Search for tasks in a list.
* Move tasks to a new list.