WhatsWeb WebLite for Whatsapp Full Mod Apk Download

WhatsWeb WebLite for Whatsapp Mod APK Download Cryztal Apps Produced as a Full Trick Apk by Communication added to category as Fraudulent

Mod Game Name: WhatsWeb WebLite for Whatsapp Apk Download
Mod Game Category: Communication
Mod Game producer: Cryztal Apps
Total Mod Game Downloads: 500,000 - 1,000,000
Fraudulent Android Version Required for Game: 4.0.3 and up
Fraudulent Game History: December 12, 2017

This is an ultra light version of Whatsapp web.

Key Features :

- Dual Whatsapp account on same / different phone / tablet
- Fully secure
- Scan the QR Code from Whatsapp Web and load instantly
- Open same account on multiple phones /tablets
- Automatic resizing - Fully Responsive, feels like native app

Features Available:

✓ Send / receive message
✓ Read chat history
✓ Send and receive photos and videos
✓ Download and watch photos and videos
✓ Send and receive audio messages
✓ Forward media
✓ Share contacts
✓ Search chats and contacts



1. Open this app on phone / tablet you want to sync/clone your Whatsapp

2. Open whatsapp on your main phone (the account you want to clone)

- On Android: Scroll to the Chats screen -> Menu -> whatsapp Web.

- On iPhone: Click Settings -> whatsapp Web.

- On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: Go to Menu -> whatsapp Web.

- On Nokia S40: Swipe up from bottom of screen -> whatsapp Web.

- On BlackBerry: Go to Chats -> Menu -> whatsapp Web.

- On BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen -> whatsapp Web.

3. After clicking "whatsapp web", you should see a camera QR scanning screen

4. Now scan the QR code displayed on this app

5. Done! Sync complete! Now you can access the same whatsapp account on both devices!

6. Enjoy dual whatsapp in one device


1. Same as above.

2. To scan, take screenshot of Whatsapp Web QR code & send to any devices

3. Scan this screenshot as fast as possible using this app.

4. Whatsapp account will be loaded in Whatsweb for Whatsapp web automatically.

5. Enjoy dual whatsapp in one device.


To ensure best performance:

1. Data Connection / WiFi is enabled on main phone with the whatsapp account you wish to sync

2. Remove un-used chat list and chat groups. This reduces the data required to transfer, therefore speeding up performance

Additional features

- Faster load (Caching)
- 110% Zoomed for more visibility

PS: This app is an independent one and is not affiliated with any other company including WhatsApp inc.

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