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April 20, 2022
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About Idle Hospital Tycoon APK MOD

As you know, hospital is always a place to help many patients with different diseases or to treat many victims in serious accidents. It can be said that the role of the hospital is indispensable in the development of human society, and at the same time, it is also a testimony to the development of social technology. And in my opinion, building a hospital is absolutely necessary because it can help many people. So do you want to be one of the people who can create the biggest and most modern hospital?

I bet many of you will be interested in building and operating a real hospital, but it requires a lot of money and human resources. However, I can still satisfy that desire by presenting you with a smartphone video game. The game that I want to mention in this article was developed by “JoyMore GAME” by the name of Idle Hospital Tycoon APK MOD . With simple gameplay, the game promises to bring you exciting and comfortable experiences after stressful working hours.


Hearing the name of this game, you might have imagined part of its gameplay – Idle Hospital Tycoon APK MOD. One of the most exciting aspects of Idle-style gameplay is that you won’t need to do much to make everything work in the game. Your task in this game will not be too complicated, it is to build the largest hospital in order to reach the most patients. In this game, you will experience the highest surveillance when operating a real hospital. Not only will you stop after you finish building your hospital, but you will also need to hire doctors and nurses, and the necessary medical equipment to make your modern hospital more professional. Of course, You can still benefit from your health services and use that money to improve hospital quality or build more hospitals and distribute it to more places. In general, your main task will be to create a specific hospital system and let it work on its own while you watch it from above.

The game clearly simulates the process of building a real hospital.

It can be said that this game is not only attractive with idle game style, but also gives us other elements of a building game. Yes, from the construction of specialized clinics to the construction of waiting rooms, and even the creation of parking lots. The larger the parking lot, the more patients will go to the hospital. However, you need to balance the number of patients entering the hospital, because if your doctors cannot solve all the patients, your hospital will be very crowded and the fruit will be ineffective.

Idle Hospital Tycoon APK MOD Picture 3

To make your hospital run better, you will need great employees

In this game, the more staff you have, the more patient you will solve the problem. You will need to hire professional nurses and doctors to treat the illnesses of each specific patient. And you can upgrade staff skills so they can serve patients faster. In addition, you can also hire a manager so that the hospital can automatically earn money even when in offline mode.

So, are you interested in “Idle Hospital Tycoon APK MOD”? Download it to your phone now to enjoy it.

Welcome to hospital tycoon! As the dean here, his task is to create a comprehensive and professional hospital with a strong medical force and expand it to become the best in the world!

You can experience the feeling of running a hospital from all aspects! You can set up various departments, improve the hospital system, get more funds, expand parking lots, increase publicity and publicity, get more patients, invite more doctors, increase wages on time, improve work efficiency, and add cashiers. Unified management training to ensure patient circulation; research and development of new products, improvement of old medicines and better medical support… Only when you have everything, your hospital can be better!

game features

Apart from the simple and relaxing gameplay, Idle Hospital Tycoon APK MOD also offers us many other interesting features.

  • Simulate real hospitals, up to a dozen different medical departments
  • Simple and casual, a simulated casual game for everyone
  • Hire managers who can help you make money offline
  • Activate special events to help more patients with incurable diseases
  • Make important development decisions and expand the hospital business reasonably and steadily
  • The game is completely free to play and you can experience all the content in the game without spending any money.

Arrange the hospital planning route in a reasonable way to ensure that each patient can receive timely and proper treatment to help them recover.

This is a medical class placement simulation game designed, managed and maintained by you! Join the hospital and experience the successful life as a dean!

MOD APK version of Idle Hospital Tycoon

MOD Features

  • – Infinite money (increases when you spend)

Important: Make sure to always keep your internet off before starting the game and also while playing the game or else the game will crash and restart

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