Infinite Stairs APK MOD (Dinero Infinito) v1.3.101


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April 20, 2022
Android 4.4
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About Infinite Stairs APK MOD

Mobile games become popular and fade at such a rapid rate that sometimes we discover something we would have loved to play at launch, but missed out on. We’re embarrassed to say it, but with so many games hitting the App Store every week, it’s all too easy to miss out on something valuable that launched with little to no fanfare to mark its existence.

Infinite Stairs APK MOD is one such game. It’s apparently a big hit in Korea, but the game didn’t seem to catch on this side of the Pacific. The vertical endless runner debuted on iOS devices in January, but thanks to Reddit user Annieone23, whose post introduced me to the game, I’ve been hooked on playing Infinite Stairs  all week.



vintage graphics

I’ve noticed that some developers are going back to basics. Although many are dedicated to 3D graphics, there are also those who choose to make the graphics of their games with the classic pixel graphics of many years ago. Infinite Stairs APK MOD is one of these games and the strategy worked. Although he used an old style of drawing the characters and the background, it made him look adorable. It gives that nostalgic feel of the old school arcade games that you used to love as a kid. This app also has different cute characters to choose from. In addition, there are also pets to unlock and take with you in the game. It’s funny how the pet runs up the stairs together with the main character.

simple but addictive

It has the same idea as typical endless runner games where you need to stay as long as possible in the game to get the highest score possible. Turn left and right while going up the stairs and collect the coins. One wrong move and the game is over though. The concept is easy to understand, but putting it into practice can be challenging as there are several sharp turns you need to take. You must be focused and agile to avoid falling down the stairs and finish the game.

smooth controls

There are only two buttons to touch. The left one will make you turn left and right, while the other one will make you continue up the stairs. There is no problem with the controls as they work as designed. The only problem is really if you get nervous or confused and press the buttons incorrectly.

Play against other players

The best thing about Infinite Stairs is that you also have the option to play with other players from all over the world. This makes the game more competitive and exciting as you would want to beat not only your own score but the other player’s as well. Your character and the other player’s character will be in the same game window, and both will run up the stairs. The game ends when a player falls down the stairs.

Reach new records by playing faster than anyone else!

Who will be faster? You or your friend?!

Features of Infinite Stairs APK MOD:

  • Simple controls. Easy to learn and for all audiences.
  • Reach new records of agility and dexterity.
  • Fun characters and retro graphics, just like the old days.
  • PvP in real time, to play against a friend or against any player in the world.

Will you be the next to break a record?

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