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April 27, 2022
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About Once Upon a Tower APK MOD

Once Upon A Tower is based on the concept of a fairy tale, but what makes the game unique and special from all other similar games is that it provides a twist on how the princess takes charge of her escape. through the tower and fight against the evil dragon and the various enemies.

After all, it is the evolution of women. The game is designed with the best available graphics that provide a real life gaming experience completely free of charge to the player. So put on your boots and get ready with your hammer because it’s kill or be killed.

In this article, we will take the opportunity to provide the user with the necessary details about Once Upon A Tower APK MOD and all the download requirements. At the end, we will share the important download link that will provide you the access to the latest working version of the game.



Features of Once Upon A Tower APK MOD

  • The ultimate success of any game is determined by the user interface of the game, which in normal terms means the ease with which the player can navigate through the various features and gameplay. A concept so important that the creators pointed out that the game is designed with the best user interface available, which is simple but attractive and can be enjoyed by all Android users regardless of technical knowledge. In this way, they capture a larger audience base and with a simple touch on the Android screen, you can enjoy the game.
  • Many gamers have reported that today’s games are not able to keep them connected for longer periods due to repeated content and lack of fresh gameplay. This is a growing concern for game developers and the creators made the point that the game does not fall into this category and that is why they created a game that is loaded with unique opponents each designed with a unique ability that puts its different players. Skills to test in an exciting game dynamic.
  • The game is designed to be a revolution in the gaming world. It’s one of the first games to actually make a female lead. The game is filled with tons of unique female characters that allow the user to select and play as the character that best suits her personality. Each character has their own abilities and skill set that will help you follow your goal. This is why you must create the correct strategy and unlock the character during the course of the game. Just playing because you never know who you unlock.
  • To make the game even more interesting and worthwhile, the game is designed with the best available graphics that give it a real focus. The game is also built with the unique option where the user is presented with random difficulty levels, each with a unique design that will provide the game with an unpredictability factor. If you want to be a part of the best game out there, then you should definitely pick Once Upon A Tower .
  • The gameplay of any game creates a special place in the gaming community when it provides the user with the sense of achievement to the user. For this reason, the makers introduced the concept of providing the player with various achievements and trophies that the player can unlock during the course of the game. Because it is rightly said that if you want to be the best, you must beat the best.

What is more in Once Upon A Tower Apk Mod?

A game of survival and escaping from the hands of the evil dragon while going through a whole wave of enemies can be more interesting if you can get an advantage to even the odds. This advantage is provided by the modified version of the game at no cost. The player gets the game changing advantage of unlimited hearts, which means that the princess will never run out of life while she escapes through the tower. This takes your chances of winning to another level and helps you become the best player out there. The mod apk restores the same ease and convenience of use and thus becomes a better option than the regular version.

“ Once Upon a Tower APK MOD ” is not an ordinary mobile action game. Well, the game may be a bit familiar, but this game features a princess trying to save herself. There is no need to wait for a knight or a prince to save you, because you can get out of the high tower just by making your way. You see, the princess doesn’t always need a prince or a hero. She can escape with your help, without having to wait for the knight. Because honestly, the dragon already ate it. Oops.

Setting the character free is easy. Defeat those walls to defeat the enemies. The dragon is waiting and watching over you, but don’t worry, you can escape from it. This is a crazy adventure, but with you playing, all those enemies will be ready and you will be out of the tower in no time.

Developed by Pomelo Games, ‘ Once Upon a Tower MOD APK ‘ is an action game that will make you plot and want to escape more than ever. Being stuck in a tall tower shouldn’t be forever. You don’t even have to wait for that brave knight because you can go out alone.


  • Prioritize getting items when available as follows: Fire Hammer, Hard Boots, Parachute (Levels 1-8), Hammerfall (if you have the other three and have Fireflies into Space), Shield, and Bombs (Levels 8+) .
  • Take out the miniature dragons as fast as you can. They breathe fire downwards and can be very annoying when trying to plan a route.
  • Watch out for spiders. As you clear more blocks, the spiders paths get bigger, and once you think it’s gone from the screen, it can suddenly drop on you.
  • You don’t need bombs to clear the previous levels, but they can be a boon as you progress through the tower. Save them for when you accidentally mess up a planned route and end up in a situation so sticky there’s no way out without a kill.

MOD APK version of Once Upon a Tower

MOD Features

  • – Infinite Diamonds
  • – All unlocked

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