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Silk Road is the name of the most famous route globally, and they connect from the eastern end and spread across all of Asia and Europe. Since ancient times, this road had formed a legend of its own when many countries joined together to…

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Silk Road is the name of the most famous route globally, and they connect from the eastern end and spread across all of Asia and Europe. Since ancient times, this road had formed a legend of its own when many countries joined together to develop it to transport goods everywhere easily. In this article, Silk Road Truck Simulator will give players the most genuine feeling of becoming a transport driver on the world’s silk road. The most impressive thing about this game is that it will reimage the entire countries connected to The Silk Road as a playable environment.

Silk Road Truck Simulator : Offroad Cargo Truck


Silk Road Truck Simulator will present players with cutting-edge 3D graphics and are perfectly optimized for new generation devices. Through it, players can admire the sparkling, shimmering, and overwhelmed beauty of nature and the countries surrounding the Silk Road. Furthermore, the game will simulate all the special structures along the way and give players the most realistic feeling through visuals, sounds, and other elements. Truck driving has never been so entertaining in real life. Still, it always stimulates player exploration, and this game will give them a chance to explore the Silk Road and the cultural diversity of different countries.


Players will probably never become real-life drivers, but they can explore their lives and regular activities through the Silk Road Truck Simulator. Shipping a multitude of different items for hours will easily lead to your exhaustion. Therefore, the game will introduce special supply points for players to interact with other drivers while refueling or eating. Besides, players must comply with all international traffic rules when becoming a professional driver, thereby always transporting the goods safely to designated destinations. With those contents, players can experience the most genuine and common daily life of drivers.

Silk Road Truck Simulator : Offroad Cargo Truck


The control mechanism is more complicated than a conventional car, but it successfully simulates them neatly and flexibly. The entire interface will appear filled with all the important functions for the player to control the truck, even activating a truck’s important functions. Everything is simulated accurately and truthfully, even allowing players to customize the control mechanism for the most thrilling experience while driving expensive trucks. Also, the player must coordinate with the camera adjustment flexibly to look around the truck and move carefully in many different situations or roads.


The life of a truck driver is constantly taking on special deals from around the world or locally. Fortunately, the game was redesigned with thousands of different locations on the map, allowing players to explore the countries around the Silk Road and transport valuable items. As players continuously complete local transport orders, their international driver’s license will gradually improve. With the appropriate driving qualifications, the game unlocks more engaging content for players to explore and entertain, such as vehicles or special orders.

Silk Road Truck Simulator : Offroad Cargo Truck


The truck customization system has always been the driving force for players to stick with the game and give them lots of fun to enjoy. If all players know how to enjoy the driving feeling, they will always have an intense euphoria waiting for them to put on new colors or special accessories for their trucks. Depending on the player’s qualifications, the game will unlock new trucks with better performance and fuel capacity. Of course, players can customize many different parts, even using custom-made colors and special decals. Meanwhile, item-specific trailers can be dynamically customized, allowing players to match the color between the truck and trailers.


Thanks to the world’s endless development, the game is popular and named the game with the largest open-world map on Google Play. Fortunately, its map is limited to countries related to the silk road but is enough for players to explore life and cultural diversity through truck trips. Also, players can stop at the scenic spots, step out of the cabin, and enjoy the special atmosphere the world offers. Everything in the world is built flawlessly and splendidly, making the game more intriguing and enjoyable as players continuously unlock new places.

Silk Road Truck Simulator : Offroad Cargo Truck

Silk Road Truck Simulator promises to give players authentic gameplay and experience as a truck driver on the silk roads of the world. Moreover, the game is developed with the most modern functions, giving players many options to explore the world with their style freely. So, if you want to experience a truck driver’s daily routine, download the game now and start enjoying it.

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