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April 9, 2022
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About Stickman Hook APK MOD:

Stickman Hook is one of those games that doesn’t really get difficult… Set in a 2D scenario made up of “dots” that you can hook onto as Spiderman, your mission in this game is to tap the screen of your device to swing from one point to another! to another in an attempt to reach the finish line in one piece!

If this game sounds difficult, you might be surprised because interestingly enough, Stickman Hook is super easy! So far we have reached level 40-50 and have encountered a total of 0 deadly obstacles. In fact, the deadliest thing in this game is the floor which is somewhere beyond the bottom of the viewable screen area…



Earn Levels

Just to emphasize, a large fraction of the levels in this game can be won by simply tapping on your device’s screen just 1 or 2 times, which is insane!

With a fairly high amount of ads, simple but pleasingly animated graphics, and well…not much else, really…this is one of the most mysterious games we’ve played in recent times. What were the developers thinking?

Players can choose a character for themselves

Stickman Hook’s collection of characters is extremely diverse. All of these faces are extremely mischievous and dynamic. You will have to control them with simple control commands on the screen. First of all, he meets a rabbit. The bunny’s high and long jumps will have priority when showing off your performance. A blue bird, but it can’t fly. He is the next character to be introduced. The more traditional the stick people, the more appropriate costumes you can add to them. Will a sandwich satisfy you? Don’t worry, everything is under your control and moves only at your command!

Challenges you can find in the match

Stickman Hook is an excellent example of the most dangerous activities, and it always brings pleasant surprises to the players. Players will witness the bolts move along the way. But you will not cross this stretch on foot. The biggest challenge is that you will have to jump off the starting line and then launch yourself into the air. The piece of rope attached to the hook will help you move. It’s magic, but you have to throw them into the bolt accurately. The image of your body flying between obstacles is interesting. The finish line is ahead; he is considered successful in his mission when he crosses it and stays safe.

Operating principle of moving lines

The bolts and hooks are attached by the precise launch of Stickman Hook players to match them. The road segment will have many bolts, but its floating in the air will affect the process of determining the accuracy of the destination. Challenges are placed on each level. By going through the puzzle in this level, you can unlock new levels and keep challenging yourself. One thing to keep in mind when playing the game is that the length of the path will increase when you come across a difficult level to conquer. But if the player understands the principle of operation of those elements, moving will no longer cause difficulties.

Experience the game with easy challenges

Stickman Hook makes you can’t leave when special offers deliver an exciting experience like never before. The player is like a spider-man who expertly uses his hook and rope. Unfortunate cases that occur can be re-executed without any problem. If you are interested in this content, experiencing it with friends is a great option. The character collection is always available with famous names, and you are free to choose. Beautiful graphics and smooth effects will be the greatest support offered by the system.

MOD APK version of Stickman Hook

MOD Features

  • – Unlocked game modes
  • – Premium unlocked
  • – No Ads

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