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March 19, 2022
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Stickman games usually have a simple gameplay aimed at all players on the market. The simpler the game, the greater the number of players, but the game itself must have many fun elements to attract players. Stickman games are usually designed in a 2D style to streamline everything. Even shorten the time to design levels or emphasize the beauty of other things. Just like Stickman Master Archer game , instead of engaging in fierce battles, players can sit back and relax with this archery game.

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The gameplay of Stickman Master Archer APK MOD is very simple and most of the other features are similar. Players will enter the exciting archery battle and use their precision balance skill to destroy enemies. This game applies realistic physics, so players must align the strength and angle of the bow to shoot accurately. At the same time, the player will also be affected by weather or similar factors. The players are alone, but the opponents can appear with numbers to create a difficult moment for the players. In short, the gameplay of this game requires the players to have great precision and agility in order to overcome the challenges of the game.

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Many different chapters and challenges

The player’s adventure will be divided into many different chapters. Each chapter will be broken down into countless little challenges for players to experience. The higher the challenge level, the higher the difficulty, and the weather conditions become more severe, making it difficult for players. In the challenge, players just need to drag and drop to shoot arrows, move up and down to adjust the strength and angle. Stickman Master Archerit also supports virtual line of sight to help players better fine-tune accuracy. The player’s opponent can withstand multiple shots. If players kick them, they need three shots, the chest needs two shots, and a headshot will finish the opponent. When players shoot opponents in the head, they will get a bonus to help them upgrade equipment. Therefore, players should try to land as many headshots as possible.

If players complete the challenge with the best performance, they will receive a generous reward. That reward could be a chest or a raw material to craft. Yes, players can also craft weapons and equipment to make their stickman stronger. Weapons are divided into different categories, but they will still be in the “Bow” category, the main difference is their appearance. The higher the level of the weapon, the greater the power and the more beautiful the appearance.

Stickman Master Archer Team APK MOD

Equipment can enhance a player’s strength to help them take more damage before the opponent kills them. Because this game does not allow the character to move, players can only rely on luck to survive. Enemy troops will appear randomly in a certain number. They can also use more advanced equipment, but cannot change their stats. So that the players understand that they only serve as decoration.

To make the game more interesting, it also has 2 players. Players can team up with colleagues or friends and challenge each other on their archery skills. The gameplay is similar to single player, but the distance of 2 people will be very far, and it is difficult to predict the distance and shoot accurately. But repeating the process and changing the angle can increase accuracy. The 2 player mode is very suitable for having fun with friends.

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