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April 19, 2022
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About WithstandZ APK MOD 

Are you looking for a survival game but with friendly graphics and less violence? What about the game itself combined with the open world element and the freedom to interact with everything to build the lifestyle? That is why WithstandZ APK MOD will be the best option for you. It is a zombie survival game, in which chemical weapons attack the world. You will witness a cruel and desperate life when there is danger everywhere. Therefore, your mission is to survive and collect everything you find.

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Fun adventure based on an apocalyptic zombie

The gameplay of WithstandZ APK MOD is described as simple and players don’t need too much time to get familiar with it. But it has so many things for players to explore and enjoy and create dozens of hours of gameplay. The game will come with many other attractive features for players to have the best experience in a dangerous world. Also, this is an open world game, so players can go anywhere and do whatever they want just to survive. Players don’t have a specific mission, but they still need to fight and loot everything in order to survive. Also, the game will incorporate some realistic elements, so players should act very carefully and avoid the risk of being attacked by zombies.

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New control mechanism

The control mechanism will be designed to match the first-person perspective style; With this perspective, the player will have a more realistic and exciting experience. The player does not have a defined starting point; this game will randomly drop players somewhere on the island. From there, players must capture the surrounding situation and start taking action to survive. The map of this game will be a big island and the players will have to go everywhere to collect weapons, equipment and food to survive. Loot will automatically appear everywhere after a while to make the player’s survival process more convenient. Therefore, the player does not have to worry about running out of supplies.

WithstandZ - Zombie Survival APK MOD picture 3

Discover clothes and weapons with pixel graphics.

Weapons and equipment are what players must have; There are many types of weapons, such as ranged and melee. There are even some weapons that act as tools for players to mine the world’s resources. Each weapon has its characteristics, especially ranged weapons, players must search for the corresponding type of ammunition in order to use them. Supply is important for survival, players can only bring some gear due to the backpack limit. Everything the player finds always has some use in crafting. The game will support a crafting manual for players to research and do the necessary things.

Many modes to play in WithstandZ APK MOD 

The player’s journey will be endless, so equipment, weapons, and supplies are the things that the player should always collect. But to save it all, players must have a solid foundation. Players can use local architecture to form bases, or they can build their base from mined resources. Players can take advantage of wood, stone, and iron to build a base; the more difficult the resource, the stronger the base becomes and can resist the dangers.

There is a lot to explore in WithstandZ APK MOD, but the only rule you should consider is not to go out at night. The night will bring you various surprises, why not discover them yourself at night? Download this game now and start to experience it.

MOD APK Version of WithstandZ

MOD Features

  • – You can buy diamonds even if you don’t have enough
  • – No skill delay

You use the mod at your own peril and risk – you may be blocked from using it!

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